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Each product below has been especially selected by me because I feel they will be of interest to you, my customer. Some were created by my family members. Others I purchased rights to for offering on this web site.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Self-Sufficiency eBook



"ORIGINAL EBOOK VERSION" (257 PAGES) - Original Hardcover Published in 1976


In this rare eBook that teaches all the skills needed to live independently in harmony with the land, from harnessing natural forms of energy to raising crops and keeping livestock to basketry, carpentry, John Seymour, the father of the back-to-basics movement, shares his singular vision to transform lives and create communities.


Although containing images and text from content created in the early 1900's, this information is more relevant than ever in our hi-tech world with many people deciding to seek independent living sources and return to working the land.


The original author, John Seymour (12 June 1914 – 14 September 2004), was a prolific early author in the self-sufficiency movement.

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Self-Suffiency eBook Sample
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BlueRoom Recipes eBook



FULL COLOR photos, and detailed instructions, for 95 of the best home-cooked southern recipes from Mama Jo's Kitchen at the famous Blue Room Road House on the banks of beautiful Rocky Hollow Creek in the Hill Country of Central Texas.


If you love great Southern home style cooking, or simply wish to try some of the South's best eating, you'll find these recipes to be a treasure of fantastic food.


From appetizers through desserts, you'll taste the best that Mama Jo ever cooked. Try the BBQ beef ribs, or her famous Blue Room Sirloin, and you might get frisky and try the fried Rattle Snake entre.


And you will absolutely love Mama Jo's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Enjoy these foods any time of the year. Share them with friends and family. You will never go wrong with these great family recipes from Mama Jo's Blue Room Road House.


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Deer Resistant Plants eBook



FULL COLOR photos, and detailed information, for over 100 plants and flowers (no vegetables) that are known to be most resistant to deer foraging. You will find a photo of each, along with growing zones, plant characteristics, growing requirements, and some benefits of growing them. For more detailed information on a specific plant you can always “Google” the botanic name, also given in the chart.


We can grow certain plants and flowers, without resorting to fences, that are resistant to deer through odors, colors, shapes, tastes, and textures. However, when deer are extremely hungry – such as in the middle of a severe drought – they are known to eat just about anything (even cactus and shoe leather) to get some nourishment. There are no deer resistant vegetables with the exception of garlic and a few varieties of chili pods, so if you wish to keep deer away from your vegetable garden you’ll probably need to place an 8 foot fence around it.


But for all other areas the plants and flowers detailed in this book will provide you with ornamental and popular varieties that are proven to be rejected at the deer dinner table.


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Jewish Recipes eBook



A collection of 90 family recipes mastered by "Bubby", Grandmother Sarah Bernstein, including her personal favorites from both the "old" and the "new" countries.


My "Bubby" (Grandmother Sarah Bernstein) was a fantastic cook who enjoyed every minute she spent in her kitchen. These homestyle recipes include 90 of her favorite concoctions. I hope you enjoy them - Linda (Bernstein) Bryce


A Few Of The Recipes:


Apple Cake, Baluk Plakki, Banana Pudding, Blintzes, Challah, Chicken Soup with Matzoh Balls, Chopped Liver, Gefilte Fish, Kreplach, Mandel Bread, Potato Latkes, Sufganiyot

...and many more, plus a complete Seder Menu!


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Jewish Recipes eBook Sample
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